eBooks I've Formatted

Russ Crowley & Duangta Wanthong Mondi

The Perfect Thai Phrasebook

Jeannie Ingraham

The Genesis of Jazrael
(The Irem Chronicles)

Nikki Gardner

Design, Shoot, & Show - Your iPhone Photo Project
(Behind The Lens: The Art of Developing Your Photographic Vision)

Nick Stanton

Lose 15 in 5 Days Diet Weight Loss System

Vlad Tseytkin

Part of Me

Aida Quinones

Aida's Perverted Fantasies

Ida Shessel

Communicate Like A Top Leader:
64 Strategies Top Leaders Use to Engage, Encourage, & Empower Others

Alyson Rodgers

Diet Health Central:
Complete Weight Loss Strategies For A Healthier
Health and Fitness for Seniors:
Exercise Solutions for Baby Boomers

Brian F. Grant

Jordy Christo

David Szalontai

Anna Aparicio

Bob Hamilton

Ludovic C Romany

Becoming the Fetch

Eric Ahlswede

Lose Weight with LCHF

This book is available in multiple versions on Amazon:
Lose Weight with LCHF (G edition) eBook
Lose Weight with LCHF (PG edition) eBook
Lose Weight with LCHF (G edition) Paperback
Lose Weight with LCHF (PG edition) Paperback

You can also check out his website here. He sells all the versions of his book there available in mobi, ePub, PDF, and print.

I first began by helping out with a couple books from BWM Books. Here are some of the books I helped out with on Amazon:

When the Balloon Went Up:
Short Stories from a War
The Secret of Flynn's Island
To Sydney by Stealth:
Midget Subs Attack Sydney
The Japanese POW Break-Out at Cowra
Currency Lad:
The Story of Hamilton Hume and the Explorers