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To be completely honest, it is difficult to price a book before I see it. Below I'm giving *general* prices. This assumes an average sized book (50-200) pages, mostly text, maybe some pictures (but not many).

If you would like a more exact estimate you can email me ( with a description of your book. In the email you can tell me about the content of your book. For example, "My book is currently in Word doc format and it's 150 pages. It's mostly text but does have half a dozen images and two tables." Or send me a sample of your book as an attachment. If you don't feel comfortable sending the whole thing, you can send a few typical pages.

Base Prices:
These prices are based on a final format of ePub (Barnes & Noble, Apple, etc) or mobi (Amazon). For Smashwords formatting, please email for a price.

$50 for Word Processor files (Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, OpenOffice, etc)
$75 for PDF
If you have any other formats please email and ask about price.

Additional Charges
If your book contains a lot of images +$10
If your book contains tables +$10 - $30 (depending on the number and complexity)
If your book contain any other types of formatting (bullet lists, text boxes, or anything else of that nature not listed here) please email me for the price of any additional charges.

A Note on Length
If your book is long (over 200 pages) there's an additional charge of $5 for each additional 100 pages.
If, on the other hand, your book is short (less than 50 pages) I will reduce the base price based on the length of the book ($15-$20 for Word Processor file and $25-$33 for PDF).

Print Editions
I also format books for print. The most common is CreateSpace. But I've also done Lulu and Lightning Source. I will return to you a print ready PDF file. The pricing for this type of formatting is usually the same as the eBook pricing above.

I prefer payment through PayPal, but I also have accounts at a couple freelance sites if you'd rather hire me there.

Turnaround time varies based on workload. Most books I can return within two to four days. If I'm working on many books or if your book is more complicated than average it may take longer (three to six days).
If there are any delays beyond that I would contact you with the reasons.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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